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Almet Otomotiv manufactures and supplies concrete pump spare parts, concrete pump spares, concrete pump parts, agriculture machines, agriculture machineries, agricultural machines, agricultural machineries, baling machines, balers, irrigation filter systems, sowing machines, feed mixing machines, feed mixers, fertilizer spreaders, spreaders, dough kneaders, dough kneading mahcines, concrete pump spare part, concrete pump spare, concrete pump part, agriculture machine, agriculture machinery, agricultural machine, agricultural machinery, baling machine, baler, irrigation filter system, sowing machine, feed mixing machine, feed mixer, fertilizer spreader, spreader, dough kneader, dough kneading mahcine, reaping machines, mowing-machines, reapers, mowing machines, harvesters, sugar beet harvesters, silage pulp packing machines, pulp packing machines, sail reapers, sail reaper winged harvesters, vertical feed mixers, vertical feed mixing machines, universal fertilised sowing machines, four row fertilised sowing machines, reaping machine, mowing-machine, reaper, mowing machine, harvester, sugar beet harvester, silage pulp packing machine, pulp packing machine, sail reaper, sail reaper winged harvester, vertical feed mixer, vertical feed mixing machine, universal fertilised sowing machine, four row fertilised sowing machine, concrete pump spare parts cifa, concrete pump spare parts junjin, concrete pump spare parts pumi, concrete pump spare parts putzmeister, concrete pump spare parts schwing, concrete pump spare parts sermac, concrete pump spare parts titan, concrete pump spare parts waitzinger... Our company start to job life in 1974 . We set a course for high quality and affordable price . Our company keep pace with machine park to world of changing and developing technology . Our company was established over automotive , constrution and agriculture but we work over many other sectors too . We are proud of serving in automotive , construction and agriculture sectors with hihh quality and affordable prices .

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Serkan EKTİ